New Pattern: "Rosemary"

Here is my newest pattern: "Rosemary." I've been pretty sick lately and also very busy with our Mystery Crochet-Along. This pattern finished testing about a week ago, but I haven't had the time to get it published until now.

It is 41 rounds and requires about 400-450 yards of size 10 thread when using a 1.75mm hook. 

I used Knit Picks Curio thread in the color bluebell. 

You can find this pattern in my pattern shop.

New Pattern: "Glenda"

My newest pattern, "Glenda," is probably one of my favorites. I wasn't sure how it would all work out, but it came together very nicely.

This pattern is 28 rounds and 12-inches in diameter. 

This is the first time I've ever used Scheepjes brand. They have a wonderful line of size 10 thread called Maxi Sugar Rush that has an enormous color selection.  Each ball contains 280m/306y of thread--and the price is pretty reasonable depending on where you purchase. I purchased through during a 'free shipping' special they had. They even have a mini line of crochet thread containing 140m/153y in each ball called Maxi Bonbon.

For this pattern, I used between 200-250 yards with a 2.00mm hook. I've decided to use a larger hook because my crocheting has gotten too tight. I was a bit nervous going up a size, but I'm very pleased with the results. And I even bought an ergonomic hook holder because my 2.00mm hook is bare. 

The open and raised ovals around the center of the design were inspired both by Patricia Kristoffersen's "Brenna" and also by Zoya Matyushenko's "Lumi." If you like mine, you should definitely check out their's. 

You can find this pattern on my patterns page

New Pattern: "Frances"

This pattern was one of the many I designed during January: "Frances." It is 12-inches in diameter. I used a 2.00mm hook with size 10 thread (250-300 yards). 

The pattern is 30 rounds and works up very quickly. There is one round of popcorns that might slow you down, but thankfully it's closer to the center, so it's not too long. 

You can find this pattern in my pattern shop

New Pattern: "Constance"

In the month of January, I was extremely busy designing several patterns--more patterns than I thought I ever could at one time. But that was the plan, because now that February is here, I am busy with our Mystery Crochet-Along and I have a few blankets I need to be working on. This is one of the designs I finished and how passed testing: "Constance."

This pattern is 32 rounds and about 13" in diameter when using a 1.75mm hook. It uses about 300-350 yards of size 10 thread. 

I used Knit Picks Curio thread in the color chocolate. It's not my favorite thread, but still very, very nice. And the price for Curio is unbelievable. Each skein comes with over 720 yards.

The mesh in this pattern reminds me a lot of how I designed Rosaline. Sometimes, I use this method to round out the pattern if it's a little wavy in design, so that I can start the finishing touches of adding a nice edging.

This pattern is now available in my pattern shop. Just find the picture and click on it, it will take you to the Ravelry listing.

New Pattern: "Vanora" MCAL

Today is Day 1 of my first Crochet-Along--and it's a Mystery! This pattern was designed back in December, tested through January, and ready for you to participate this month! The pattern is named "Vanora" and is a total of 34 rounds.

Part 1 released today covers rounds 1-7. I won't be creating a post for EVERY part. If you join the MCAL by purchasing the pattern through Ravelry, you will receive an email update every time a new part is released. Just read through all the information on the Ravlery page, then read through all the information in the pattern download. 


Be sure to join our Facebook group so you can get support and share your pictures! And use the hashtag #VanoraMCAL on Instagram (tag me @emilyandthe) so we can all see!