Updates on Francisco's Care

I thought it would be a good idea to create a dedicated post to share how the money collected for Francisco's care is being utilized. I'm not sure what the best method is to present the date visually, but I'll do my best. At the present, I keep the information updated in a table in a document and it is working well so far. 

To bring you up to speed if this is the first time you are hearing about this, my previous post announced a new pattern designed by me specifically to raise money for a gentleman that my husband visits at least once a week. He takes care of Francisco because no one else is around to do so. On his visits, here are some of the things he does for him: check and refill his medications, take him to the doctor or pharmacy, purchase groceries for him, bathe him, and coordinate his medical information with medical personnel or agencies. All the funds raised by the pattern go directly toward this care. Francisco actually bakes cheesecakes and sells them at a local venue, and the money he makes from those is very minimal.

I will keep this specific post updated as to where the money is going, but I won't be posting the total amount raised because that changes every single day. 

Date Amount Description
2017-04-10 56.95 Groceries
2017-04-14 12.69 Fruits
2017-04-19 87.39 Prescription medication
2017-04-19 64.72 Household items
2017-04-24 10.23 Fruits
2017-05-08 46.12 Foods and household items
2017-05-09 120.00 Medical appointment
2017-05-09 21.82 UBER home from appointment

New Pattern: "Francisco"

This new pattern you might think is a little unusual--I don't really name my patterns using male names. What I normally do is find female names I like and I add them to my list. However, this is a special case.

There is an older gentleman in our community named Francisco who is suffering from Parkinson's disease. He doesn't have family locally who can take care of him, so my husband stepped up to fill the need. Every week, sometimes twice, Steven drives across town to check on him and care for him. We found that he makes very little money, but thankfully a ministry in our area stops by weekly to provide food for him. 

In discussing as a family how we can help, I offered to the idea that I should design a pattern where all the profits will go toward his care. 

This is why the pattern "Francisco" will only be available at full price. This is to ensure that all profits off this pattern remain separate from all my other products. It creates more work for me to make it separate, but it's something that is necessary to ensure that all the profits remain separate and accurate.

This pattern has become my absolute favorite design. I know that that can change in the future, but for now, this is the design I am most proud of. It is probably because I designed with this purpose in mind--to design something special and fantastic that people would want it--I didn't want to let Francisco down. 

I hope you get as much satisfaction out of using this pattern. I have included links to 3 videos that I made for some tricky parts. I used between 300-350 yards of size 10 thread with a 2.00mm hook. And when I reworked the pattern in blue, I used a 2.25mm hook and still came under 350 yards. 

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry. All sales from this pattern will be going directly toward Francisco's care. If you would like to donate toward the fund to help Francisco, I would suggest you purchase the pattern as a gift for someone else. There is a "gift" option on Ravelry available that you can use to gift the pattern to anyone else. 

I want to thank you ahead of time for considering this pattern. I know you will enjoy it very much. If you need any help at any time with, remember that you can post your questions to either of our groups: Facebook Group or Ravelry Group.

"Wendy" Crochet-Along (March 2017)

This month, we will be working one of my patterns, "Wendy," together. This is called a Crochet-Along. Each part of the pattern will contain a tutorial showing where to place your stitches. There is one video for a tricky stitch in the pattern, but is only available to those in the Facebook group. Come join us! 

Below you can see each part of the Crochet-Along. Don't forget to share your own progress in our Facebook group (linked at the top of this post)!

New Pattern: "Bella"

This pattern was heavily inspired by one of my first designs: "Barbara." When I made that design, I tried to incorporate as many flowers as I could. In the same way, in this pattern, "Bella," I aimed to use the flower motif as a theme. 

"Bella" is a small design--only 24 rounds and 10-inches in diameter. I used a 2.00mm hook with Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush in the stunning color 'Tyrian Purple.' This might be my most favorite thread color.

One thing that threw me for a loop, because I'm not much of a planner when it comes to the designing process, is that I ended up with an odd amount of points. The design resulted in a repeat of 7, so there are 21 points. 

This pattern turned out extra lovely. I am really thrilled with the design as a whole, and it wasn't too terribly challenging to perform. 

You can find the pattern on my Ravelry page. Don't forget to share your work in our Facebook group

New Pattern: "Jane"

This pattern didn't go exactly how I wanted, but they never really do. I attempted to make the center raised, but it wasn't executed in the best way--though I'm still extremely happy with it! Always a learning experience.

This pattern, "Jane," is 34 rounds. I used Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush in the color 'silver green.' I also used my 2.00mm hook with my ergonomic hook holder. I might have to go up another size, maybe 2.25mm, because my work is still very tight.

I used about 280 yards, so I marked this pattern as needing 300-350 yards since I crochet very tightly still. It worked out to about 11-inches in diameter.

You can find this pattern in my pattern shop available through Ravelry.