My name is Grace and I'm a crochet lace designer.

I started crocheting in 2012 and started designing professionally in 2016. I design mainly crochet lace but sometimes other things when I feel inspired. Sometimes I like to take a break from thread and work with yarn.

My design, "Primrose," won First Place in the design competition at the Crochet Guild of America conference in 2017 in the category 'Thread.'

I run a discussion and support group for my patterns on Facebook. If you ever have trouble with any of my designs, you can come join us and get help.

Currently, you can find my patterns on Ravelry, my books in my shop or Amazon, and my doilies are featured at The Local Exchange in Marietta, GA. 

Recommended Products

Since I've been crocheting professionally, I have found the following products to be helpful to me. I recommend them based on my experience.

I have seen a lot of creative ways to hold yarn and thread that doesn't get it everywhere and doesn't let it tumble around. However, when I spotted this on amazon, I had to try it. My initial plan was to make myself a weighted stand, but when I saw this and the low price, I wanted to at least try it. I originally thought it might not weigh enough to stay put, but with the hanger on top to guide the thread, it works perfectly. Also, the pole does not wiggle in any way. There were no instructions on how to put it together, but the pictures on the listing itself show enough--it's a simple enough design.

I've been using this hook holder for a long time now. It has it's flaws (the rubber doesn't withstand the test of time) but the bulb size is the best size for my hand health. I highly recommend this for aluminum and steel hooks.