Pattern Translator Application

These are the MINIMUM requirements in order to be qualified for a translator position:

  1. The language you are translating into is your native language. (i.e. Spanish, French, Japanese...) You must be familiar with crochet terminology in your native language.
  2. You speak English and can read/write English crochet terminology without problems.
  3. Your proficiency level at crochet is "advanced" and you are very familiar with textured patterns that may include these kinds of stitches: front/back post, back loop only, clusters, popcorns, bullions, puffs, DTR, TRTR. 
  4. You have a Ravelry account and keep it up-to-date with your crochet projects. This includes pictures, hook/yarn info, and any notes you might have about the patterns involved.
  5. You are able to translate at least two (2) patterns per month. Each pattern is between 4-6 pages (or 25-50 rounds).

Team Benefits

As part of our translating and testing team, you will have access to all of my designs, past and present. You are free to use them as you wish, but not to share them with anyone who is not a team member--sharing my patterns with anyone else is considered copyright infringement. Before I publish any new patterns, you will have access to them. You will begin translating as soon as the patterns have passed the English language testing phase to make sure they are free from errors. 

If you are selected to become one of my translators, I will then ask you to provide 1-2 recommendations of people who would be available to test your translated versions. Their native language should be the same as yours, they should be able to speak and understand English, and their crochet proficiency level should be at or above "advanced" level.

Name *
What is your native language? This is the language you will be translating into.
I will need to know your Ravelry account login name in order to provide the patterns to you to translate.
A link to a publicly-viewable portfolio of your crochet work, such as on Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram, or photo website.
Please describe your crochet proficiency, your availability to translate, and any other notes I should consider about you.
I have read and understand the minimum requirements for this position as outlined at the top of this page. *
I understand that all of Grace Fearon's patterns are copyrighted and it is illegal to share them in any way with anyone else. *
I understand that this is not a paid position, but that I will receive each of Grace Fearon's patterns for free as compensation. *