"Victoriana" in vintage ecru

After working "Victoriana" from Crochet Fantasy, October 1992 in the color blue, I had to go back and try it in vintage ecru.  It was after I did it in blue that I felt motivated to switch from using colors to using only natural or white.  

Sometimes, I go through spurts.  When I first learned to crochet with thread, I only used natural or white.  Then, I moved onto colors after I discovered them. I bought so many colors that I have a cabinet full of them! 

And now I'm back to crocheting without color. I have a beautiful wooden backdrop that my parents gave me, and I find that the vintage thread works wonderfully with it. 

This centerpiece is available for immediate purchase (and so is the blue one from my previous post). Or you can hop on over to my commission page (link at the top of this page) and submit a custom order for it in a different color.