"Csillagmintás Terítő" in ecru

I saw this pattern a while back and was able to track it down fairly easily after getting some more info about it from a crochet friend on Ravelry. 

This pattern is from a 2009 issue of Diana Filehorgolas magazine. It's a very simple one that requires a few rows of DTRs that might not seem fun to some people, but they go by relatively quickly.  The very last row is a bit challenging to figure out from the chart, but doable.  However, I did change it a little bit.  I tend to make little changes here and there when I crochet, but nothing too big. 

It is 14-inches in diameter, made with a 1.50mm hook in the color ecru. The pattern itself only has 24 rounds and they really do go by quickly. 

You can find this doily in my shop if you are interested in purchasing it.