8-Bit Justice League: Superman Pixel Blanket

I don't often crochet blankets.  I find them time-consuming, and I frequently get bored with them before I've progressed very far.  However, lately, I've come to love making 8-bit pixel blankets.  I think the reason why I love them is because they are entirely single-crochet.  It's the same stitch, over and over and over.  

This commissioned blanket is of a Superman design (chart can be found here). It took about 15 skeins of Red Heart with Love yarn and a 5.00mm hook. I made sure to purchase each skein of yarn with a coupon so that I could keep the cost low.  Normally, a blanket of this size requires about $100 of yarn, but with all the couponing, I was able to get it down to about $60.

A blanket this size takes me about three months to make at my normal pace.  This one took only two months because I pushed myself during the last half to get it done. 

When I made my first pixel blanket, I knew that I did not want to do blocks that I would then have to stitch together.  So, when I decided to just do SC all the way through, I figured out how to change colors most seamlessly, without having to carry my yarn. Here is a short video I made that shows how I do this:

Each block in this specific blanket is 10 rows tall by 9 stitches wide.  That is because SC stitches are a little bit wider than they are tall.  In this blanket, I did 32 rows of blocks by 28 blocks wide. 

For some people, this type of crochet may seem incredibly tedious and boring.  However, because I regularly crochet intricate lace pieces, I really enjoy this type of blanket.  Something that is monotonous and doesn't require me to think much about it. 

The border on this blanket is four rows.  The first row is always the same color as the background color, and this is to make sure it looks seamless with the blanket.  So I did a row of "SC, CH, skip one stitch" in grey, then the same thing in red, then blue, and finally ended with a row of "reverse-SC, CH, skip one stitch" in grey.

You can probably tell that there's a row of grey in the blanket (based on the picture above) that stands out.  That was my foundation SC row.  When I was finished with the blanket, I decided to add another block row below it in order to add height to the blanket, and so it stands out a little when viewed up close.  

I do take commissions for this type of blanket.  I can work with pretty much any design.  Visit my commissions page and scroll all the way to the bottom to see pricing.