Puritan Flower Dreamcatcher from a Vintage Pattern

A few days ago, I came across one of the most beautiful crochet square patterns.  It is for a Puritan Bedspread and was published in more than five books throughout the last century. Thankfully, the pattern was archived online and is available for free.  

If you plan to use the pattern, just be prepared that the petals can be difficult.  And because it is an older pattern (from the 1940s), the way it is written might seem confusing.  However, I loved the challenge and was able to finish this one in about an hour.  I had to rip out a few rows because I kept making silly mistakes, but now I'm quite familiar with the pattern and could probably do it with my eyes closed. 

The hoop is 5-inches and I completed only the first five rows of the pattern.  The middle SC for each point, I made around the hoop.  I used a 1.75mm hook with Aunt Lydia's classic crochet thread in the colors olive, goldenrod, ecru, and pumpkin.  You can see my project page here for more information and notes that I took while working. I highly recommend checking out these two Ravelry users' project pages for this same pattern because the colors they chose were outstanding: Podarok and tintocktap

This dreamcatcher (and hopefully more of the same as I continue to use this pattern) is listed in the shop and available for purchase.  As always, if you would like to submit a custom order for this in different colors, please contact me directly, as I am very happy to do so for you.

This next puritan flower dreamcatcher below in shades of blue I crocheted onto a 5-inch silver hoop instead of gold.  This time, I used a smaller hook (1.50mm) and also added a row of SC before the final row.  And when I did the final row of SC, I did it into the back loop only, and it gives it a very polished look.

You can find the listing for this dreamcatcher here.  You can purchase up to five at a time on a single listing, but if you want more, you should probably contact me directly.  Happy early Holidays!