Quick & Easy Flower Motif

In the midst of working on a afghan commission for a relative, I found that I need little projects to work on so that I don't completely lose my sanity.  This afghan that I'm crocheting is 300 rows of straight single-crochet, and each row has 280 stitches. Thankfully, I'm actually making good time with it. However, I like to take short breaks and work on other projects.

One project I found last night and realized would be the perfect prop for some of my doilies is this wonderful flower design by Synnove Olava Gleditsch. It was first written in Norwegian but she graciously translated the pattern into English for her international readers. The pattern is very quick and very easy to follow, especially since she included row-by-row pictures.  

Hook size: 1.75mm
Thread: embroidery floss
Yardage: very little of each color
Size: 2.5 inches

This simple flower actually would look lovely on a headband or as the center of a motif square. I can't wait to use it as a prop in my pictures.