"Valerie" by Patricia Kristoffersen

Probably one the most well-known modern doily designers is Patricia Kristoffersen.  Her patterns are known for being complex, intricate, and time-consuming.  One of the very first doilies I ever attempted was her "Splendid"--and it is her most popular design. However, when I saw her "Valerie" design, I knew I had to attempt it.  I had been putting off doing any  more of her patterns because of how complex they are, but there was no way I could stop myself from finding and doing this pattern.

Hook: 1.50mm
Thread: KnitPicks Curio
Yardage: about 300
Size: 11.5-inches

Firstly, Kristoffersen's patterns are not easily accessible.  She does not sell them on Ravelry because she has sold them to various pattern magazines. However, as of lately, these publishers have begun selling her books online because of the growing demand for them. I was therefore able to find "Valerie" by purchasing the book "Exquisite Doilies" online.

The braids surrounding the center part of the doily can be a little tricky.  But if you know how to CH and then SC down it, then it's really not too difficult.  The problem you might encounter is being able to visualize what the pattern is telling you to do before you actually do it. 

The strands in the outer petals take quite a bite of time (round 17).  And as you are doing them, it looks nothing like the final product.  In fact, it kind of resembles a bunch of tentacles up until you attach all the strands. But when you do finish it, and block it appropriately, you will love how it turned out.

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