"Notable Difference" by Patricia Kristoffersen

In my last post, I mentioned the wonderfully gifted designer Patricia Kristoffersen.  Last night, I finished one of her lovely designs.  It was only 29 rounds, so it only took me four days to complete. As I was working it, I remembered why I'm so hesitant to do her designs.  Sometimes, some rows take ages to complete because they require really complicated stitches that go in and around several previous rows.  This one was no different.  

However, I really did enjoy completing this one.  The color I chose is called "parakeet" and what a lovely color it is. 

The pattern is from the book "Ultimate Doilies" by Leisure Arts and is available on their website as a PDF download for $15.  Definitely worth it! 

If you are interested in commissioning this piece, be sure to follow the link at the top of the page for my commissions.