"Doily #5" by Patricia Kristoffersen

After finishing the last doily by Patricia Kristoffersen, I decided I had to do another.  Finding the right one is really difficult because I'm very picky about them.  I happened to see one on a friend's instagram, instantly knew it was a PK doily, but she didn't mention which one it was.  I happened to be browsing PK's patterns on Ravelry and came across said doily without much searching.  

This doily is from the book Pineapple Gallery and is the fifth pattern in the book, which is probably why it's simply called "Doily #5." The book itself is out of print at the moment, but Leisure Arts is slowly rolling out e-book versions of many of Patricia Kristoffersen's books, so if you keep checking their website, it might eventually go online for purchase.

For this doily, I used a 1.50mm hook, but I probably should have used a larger one.  My 1.50mm hook is my favorite, but because of PK's tight stitches, I will have to start using a larger hook on her patterns.