Spring Cardi (size 3-6 months)

For this week, I have been on vacation at my parents' house in South Georgia.  My sister happens to live nearby, so she came over and brought gifts for the boys and surprised me with a bundle of yarn!  In the stash was a couple skeins of serenity sock weight and patons sock yarn.  My favorite yarn weight is fingering, so you can imagine how happy I was.

I decided to use one of the serenity sock weight skeins to make another cardi.  I'm actually stocking up on cardigans, doilies, and hats in order to do a craft fair soon.  The cardigans are very easy to make, and very fast.

Because this yarn has natural striping, I had to get creative with the panels to make sure the purples lined up as best as possible, so I cut out a strip of grey and hoped it would work.  Though they don't perfectly sync up, I definitely was close.