"Doily #7" from Magic Crochet, October 2004, Issue 152

The Christmas season was busier than I ever thought it would be.  I had a commissioned pixel blanket of Wonder Woman that took most of the month away from me. It's my third pixel blanket this past year (even though I finished just after the new year). 

I was itching to make another doily and saw this lovely one finished only a few days ago. I knew it when I saw it that I had to make it, too. This doily is from "Magic Crochet" magazine, October 2004, issue #152. There is no author listed on the pattern page.

I used a 1.50mm hook with classic crochet thread size 10 in the color peacock. This pattern is only 22 rounds, so it only took me two days to complete.

I really love how simply it is designed, but how detailed and clean it presents itself. The small pineapples in the outer rounds are very lovely for not having much to them. 

It came out to about 13-inches after blocking.  And I was able to use my new blocking pins.  I cannot believe I have gone this entire time using regular pins! My fingers hurt a lot less using the new pins. 

If you are interested in purchase, you can find this doily listed in my shop.  Or you can request a commission.