New Pattern: "Hazel"

I wasn't planning on designing another doily so quickly, but whenever I feel inspired, I always pick up my hook. This one came together between November 14th and 16th. Even though the last pattern required lots of frogging during the designing process, this one came together quite seamlessly.

"Hazel" is 29 rounds and about 10.5-inches in diameter using a 1.75mm hook. I decided to use ecru/natural this time around because it is my favorite. However, I believe this design benefits greatly from a self-striping thread or if you use different colors manually. The plethora of raised stitches allows for a lot of definition.

I'm not sure what my favorite part of this pattern is. There are several rounds that were extremely enjoyable to design. For instance, I loved round 22 because it is worked almost completely on top of the previous round. 

This pattern is almost completely textured. There are only a few rounds that don't include raised stitches of some kind. I used several rounds of popcorns and clusters.

I love looking at the finished piece and then thinking back to when I first started it. I never know what it's going to look like; I never plan any part of it. And every time I start one, I always think to myself that I have run out of ideas--but I must not have yet.

You can find this pattern in my pattern shop.