"Lilla" by Zoya Matyushenko

You know how I love to crochet in-between designing. I just cannot stop. The pattern that I worked this week is called "Lilla" and is by a new designer, Zoya Matyushenko. Also, this is the very first time I've ever been a tester myself. Nothing new, though, since my day job used to include being an editor. But it definitely was an honor to be given the responsibility.

As always my piece came out smaller than the pattern specifies, even with a smaller hook. My piece came out to 10-inches in diameter using a 1.75mm hook. The color I used was 'caribbean' by Artiste from Hobby Lobby.

The very center of the pattern incorporates a type of stitch imagined by Patricia Kristoffersen that I have always absolutely loved. It is in a few of PK's patterns, but the one I'm most familiar with is "Dorothy." 

What's strange, but no complaint, is how small it turned out. Usually I can gauge how large a piece will be based on how many rounds it contains. This one contains 30 rounds, so I did expect it to be bigger. However, I do love it regardless of size. 

You can find Zoya's pattern store here, and I urge you to bookmark it to keep up-to-date on any new designs she reveals. You can find this piece for purchase in my store if you are interested.