"Pauletta" by Mary Werst

I'm slowly working through Mary Werst's patterns. Last time I worked "Sherrie" and this one I've had my eye on for a while. This one is called "Pauletta."

Using a 1.75mm hook (as always) with size 10 thread, it came out to 11.5-inches in diameter after blocking. I really do like how the Alize Miss Batik thread color changes came out. Blues are always some of my favorite shades. 

Just like the last time I worked a Werst pattern, this one ruffled a lot before blocking. However, I was much more confident this time around considering the last one blocked just fine without problem.

For each of the scallops, I did add one picot so that they would have points, which makes it a little easier to block. Therefore, my scallops are pointed, not curved like in the pattern. I'm very pleased with it.

If you're looking for more designs to try, I definitely encourage you to look into purchasing Mary Werst's e-book that includes this pattern and the one I tried last time, "Sherrie." All of them are pretty interesting. 

You can find this centerpiece in my store if you are interested in it.