New Pattern: "Marion"

A few weeks ago, I was encouraged to design an oval-shaped doily. Ula, my translator, said I should try something other than a circle. I am not a big fan of doilies of other shapes, but I decided that I had to at least try. Let me begin by saying that ovals are no joke--they are unbearably difficult at times. Every step of the process was frustrating. However, I always begin by trusting that the final product makes up for any trials along the way.

This pattern is named "Marion" after my grandmother-in-law. In 2009, I got married to a wonderful man who had an equally wonderful family. His grandmother and I formed a friendship that I wish continued to this day, but she sadly passed away early this year from brain cancer. She was the only one that I knew in person who actually crocheted. Some of the hooks I use today were gifted to me from her stash. By this time in her life, her hands could not bear to hold the hooks well enough to crochet anymore.

This pattern was frustrating at many times--but especially during the "writing up" phase. Most of my patterns are only four pages long. However, because this one is oval-shaped, the repeats occur only twice per round, and therefore they are very long repeats. This pattern is eight pages long. 

I do enjoy how this design turned out. It is worked entirely in-the-round with no need to cut and pick up elsewhere. I was nervous trying to design an oval at first because I knew I didn't want to work one side and then the other, or do anything else weird. I knew I wanted to work it in-the-round. And that was tricky. All-in-all, it came out beautifully, even if the color is awful (in my opinion). I like the color, but photographing it was a true pain. The photos definitely do not do it justice.

You can find the pattern listed in my pattern shop. It is 36 rounds! Hopefully I will be motivated to try this shape again in he future.