New Pattern: "Heidi"

I am always inspired to start new projects, but sometimes I'm inspired to design my own as well. I have an unfinished design sitting in a bag in my craft cubicle storage unit, but I'll get back to that some other day.  In the meantime, I couldn't ignore the "new design" bug for any longer. So, a couple days ago, I picked up my hook with no pattern before me, and began to crochet.  Through a little bit of trial and error (a lot less than I've had to trudge through before), I am ready to show you my new design: "Heidi." 

Each new pattern of mine becomes near and dear to my heart.  It's not much the finished product that I enjoy, so much as the process it took to get there.  When I see my work, whether it's my own pattern or not, I see the amount of time and energy I put into it, and so the value in my own eyes is more than what I imagine others see.

Here are the stats:

Finished size: 12.5-inches in diameter
Hook: 1.50mm
Thread: size 10
Yardage: 400-450 yards
Pattern consists of 34 rounds. 

The difficulty of this pattern is rated as "advanced." 

You can find the purchase info on my "patterns" page specifically. There, you can choose to purchase through Paypal directly, or you can use Ravelry if you prefer to add it to your queue, favorites, or library so you can more easily keep track of it. Neither method requires an actual Paypal account, and you can purchase easily with just a debit/credit card securely. But I highly suggest creating a Ravelry account if you don't already have one because it is a wonderful website to keep track of all your projects, patterns, and even your yarn stash! 

If you do complete this pattern, please consider uploading your project to Ravelry so that others can see your progress and any helpful notes you might have about the pattern.