"Antique Doily" in purple

About a year ago, I spotted a pattern on Ravelry by Patricia Kristoffersen that I immediately fell in love with. This pattern is called "Antique Doily." Unfortunately, I could not find the actual pattern anywhere.  It is published in an out-of-print book called Heirloom Crochet for the Bedroom. There was a seller on Etsy attempting to sell the book for $20, but I could not convince myself that it was a fair price, so I didn't buy it.

Then, I decided to look one more time a few days ago, and I found a different seller selling a bundle of two books, one of them being this one, for only $6 (with $3 shipping), so I snatched it up so fast. I was worried someone else might see the listing and get it before I could.

I am so glad I was able to get my hands on this beautiful pattern. I used a 1.90mm hook with size 10 thread in the color purple. The final result turned out to be about 12-inches in diameter.

I absolutely love how the center comes forward in a 3D way. At first, before I began the pattern, I considered altering that part so that the entire piece lies flat--but I'm so glad I didn't. I actually love that part now.

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