"Starflower" in goldenrod

Today's lovely centerpiece is a beautiful sunflowery pattern by Julie Haberberger called "Starflower."

This is another pattern that cups and twists very tightly as you work until you block it. I had to do quite a bit of gentle tugging to get it to block correctly, but I'm exceptionally happy with the result.

I used a 1.75mm hook with about 250 yards of goldenrod colored thread in size 10. This color is extremely difficult to photograph correctly. I used different backdrops and still had to edit the crap out of the photos. Thankfully, even though I know many people don't like Instagram filters, I think the filter I used on the top photograph brings out the most accurate color of the thread.

If you are interested in this piece, you can find it in my shop. As always, custom orders (different colors, different patterns) are always welcomed.