New Pattern: Siobhán

Last night, the designing bug hit me again. I couldn't decide on a color, so I chose one at random: olive. Usually I do my designing in regular ecru, but I wanted to do another color one this time. I think I might go back and do it in ecru, though, because it photographs much better.

This pattern is worked in only 15 rounds. Siobhán is pronounced "shi-vawn."

Hook: 1.75mm
Thread: size 10
Yardage: 100-125 yards
Finished size: 6.5 inches (16cm)

When I got to around row 15, I decided it looked complete. I often do not know where the design is leaving me, and most of my patterns have more than 25 rounds in them. This time, however, it felt finished at round 15. 

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