"Brenna" in Alize Miss Batik #3715

I have been wanting to purchase this thread for a very long time. I finally decided the price wasn't going to get any cheaper, so I bought five skeins off Etsy. I knew which pattern I wanted to try first with this thread, as I'd seen someone else do the same thing with a different colorway. So I purchased "Brenna" off of Ravelry and got to work.

This pattern is worked in only 29 rounds and besides 8 and 24, it works up pretty quickly. This thread is silkier than most and it has a little bit more give, which I found to be so nice to work with. You can probably tell just by the pictures that this pattern is by popular designer Patricia Kristoffersen.

I used a 1.75mm hook, even though it recommends 2.00mm, because I don't have a larger one with a grip. I prefer to use the ones that have grips because my hands just can't take the abuse for long.

I love how this color (#3715) reminds me of Starburst candy. I'm not happy how one of the circles in the pattern turns orange in the last round of the circle, but there was nothing I could do to change that. It helped me in later rounds to quickly find out where the beginning/end of each round was located, though.

If you are interested in this piece or commissioning one in a different color, you can find it in my shop or message me through my contact page.