"Centerpiece #26" in peacock

This lovely pattern is from a Japanese book. The first time I saw this pattern, it jumped out at me, and I knew I had to do it. The more I've done doilies, the less I've wanted to do ones that are this large, but I decided I had to try this one anyway. It has 39 rounds. I usually avoid anything above thirty. It came out to about 24-inches.

I used a 1.50mm hook with size 10 thread. I recommend doing it with a smaller hook and thinner thread, unless you also want a doily this large. I would actually consider this a tablecloth. 

I changed a few parts of the pattern, mainly because I didn't want to do the DTRs because then it would feel really loose. Even with my changes, it came out just fine. 

The color I chose is 'peacock.' I've used this color many, many times before. It's probably my favorite. It photographs well--and it's so stunning. 

You can find this particular piece listed in my shop here. Or you can send me a message to request it in a different color.