"Cappuccino" in myrtle green

Probably not the most appetizing color for cappuccino--but it sure does look good in lace! I've done so many doilies in tans and whites lately that I wanted to work with a vibrant one. Green is actually never my first choice; it's my least favorite color. But I do think that's beginning to change. 

This pattern is called "Cappuccino" by Patricia Kristoffersen. It is worked in 39 rounds. It is from her out-of-print book called "Coffee 'n' Cream Doilies." If you can't find the book via interlibrary loan through your public library, you will have to search the internet for a used copy. 

I used a 1.75mm hook, which is my go-to for PK patterns, with size 10 thread. I thought I'd use more than one skein because of the amount of rounds, but I actually only used about 300 yards. It came out to about 13.5-inches in diameter.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, you may visit my store page. You can also shoot me a message if you want it in a different color.