"Wendy" in alize miss batik #3724

A few days ago, I released another pattern--"Wendy." This pattern is 25 rounds of beauty. I love the texture and the quickness. Yesterday, I decided to try the pattern with some AMB thread I have from a recent purchase. You can find the thread hereThis pattern works really well with this sort of color-changing thread.

Even though I used the same hook size, I came out with a smaller doily. That's not too strange considering the thread is different. AMB must be thinner than Aunt Lydia's size 10. 

And I really did myself in this time--I crocheted the entire pattern in a single day with time to spare. I do admit I took some ibuprofen before I went to bed; my hands were a wreck. You can find this piece listed in my store. And the pattern is listed in the pattern shop.

Hookin on Hump Day