Wedding Centerpiece

A few months ago, I offered to make a friend of mine a few doilies for her wedding reception. Because she'd already picked out centerpieces by that time, she requested I make a tablerunner for her table at the wedding. An easy task! I was thrilled. I love making things for people, especially when I know they'll appreciate them. That's all I ask for!

This tablerunner is made from eleven doilies. Below, you will find the project pages for each of the dolies, which includes links to each of the patterns. I have included the project pages because I often make changes to the patterns, and you will find my notes there. These are in no particular order.

1. Doily #8
2. Serwetka #11 (center piece)
3. Japanese Gentian Doily
4. Flower Doily
5. Doily #32
6. Doily #2
7. Modell 5
8. Doily (unnamed)
9. Crystal Star Doily
10. Doily 90
11. Textured Crochet Motif

This is the page where my friend found her inspiration for the doily tablerunner. You can see great pictures of how she joined them, which is the same way that I did, except I cut the ends super super short so you couldn't see them. And I used the same thread from the doilies for the joining.

I will be sending the tablerunner to her soon, and I really hope she likes it!