New Pattern: "Eleanor"

When I was working "Ivy" a few weeks ago, I loved the idea of using several FPDCs on the same stitch, and then not joining it together to create a popcorn, but leaving it as a little 'tree.' So I incorporated that idea into the beginning of this new pattern: "Eleanor."

The mid-section, outside the center circle, actually contains an uneven amount of repeats. This boggled me when I began blocking it, but it's not an uneven amount of points, so it still worked out. I watched a lot of Veep while designing "Eleanor."  

Steve says this pattern looks a lot like a cathedral, so I picked a name that I thought felt regal. It is 31 rounds and comes out to about 12-inches (30cm) in diameter. I used a 1.75mm hook with Artiste Egyptian Cotton thread size 10. 

You can find this pattern in my pattern shop which will take you to Ravelry.