New Pattern: "Poppy"

Last week, I decided it was past time that I have a testing group for my patterns. I wasn't confident anymore about publishing without them, and I needed to get over any reservations I had about inviting others to test my patterns. So I started a group, put out an announcement request, and now the group is thriving.

The first pattern submitted to my testers is a new one: "Poppy"

This pattern is 26 rounds. The document might look a little more professional than my others because I've included things like headings, footers, stitch counts. I plan for all of my patterns, old and new, to follow the same document structure. 

I will continue to sell my patterns on Etsy, but I more than highly recommend that you purchase through Ravelry because updates can be sent quite smoothly and quickly through there. Etsy, however, does not have an update feature for digital downloads. Therefore, from now on, I will link only to Ravelry, but you can search Etsy to find my store if you prefer to purchase there.


Hook: 1.75mm
Thread: size 10
Yardage: about 200 yards
Terminology: US
Skill: advanced

These pictures aren't the best--red is notoriously difficult to photograph. But I hope you like the pattern! You can find the pattern in my pattern shop