Two new patterns! "Faye" & "Mathilde"

The two patterns I have ready for you are called "Faye" and "Mathilde." The first one is a new 30-round paid pattern that finished testing today. Recently, I've been asked several times how I come up with the names that I choose. The answer to this question is pretty simple: when I come across a name I like, I write it down. The first names I used were are unused baby girl names. We have two lovely boys and don't plan to have any more children at this time, but we did have names picked out. So I began with those. Now I just take note of nice names when I see them. 

"Faye" is 30 rounds, 14-inches in diameter, with size 10 thread (300+ yards). Lots of popcorn stitches peppered throughout, especially incorporated into the pineapple design. 

Pineapples are near-and-dear to my heart, so I can't go too long without using them in my designs. They give the design a pleasant and appealing look that catches the eye. You can find the pattern for "Faye" on this page.


This next pattern is called "Mathilde" and is free! It is 15 rounds a perfect pattern to start with if you've never done any of my patterns. It's a quick, fun little project to get you started. 

I used 'Alize Miss Batik' thread leftover from a previous project. However, I also worked it in antique white to see how it would look in a solid color.