"Splendid" in Alize Miss Batik #3716

When I first started making doilies, this was the pattern I fell in love with. I made it twice, in white and in peacock. I've always wanted to go back and do it again, and I'm not sure why I waited until now. But it was definitely the right time.

With my newfound love for Alize Miss Batik self-striping thread, I worked this lovely pattern one more time. This pattern is called "Splendid" by Patricia Kristoffersen. The thread color I chose for it is #3716. 

I'm very glad I attempted it again, now that my skill level has significantly changed. Back when I first completed this pattern, over two years ago, I did not like textured stitches at all, so I changed most of them so that the doily laid completely flat. This time, with my obsession with texture, I am in love with the real look. 

I made a few minor changes, some of which was just to make the pattern clearer, and one change was just because I preferred a different stitch placement. All in all, though, I can definitely see why this is one of PK's most popular patterns. It's only 23 rounds, works up very quickly (except that round of popcorn stitches), and looks gorgeous in any thread.

You can find this item in my shop or you can request a commission in a different color. Do not hesitate to contact me.