"Sherrie" in Alize Miss Batik #3708

I've been wanting to try Mary Werst's patterns for a while now, and I finally pulled out "Mary's Doilies" and picked one. So today I show you "Sherrie." 

This pattern is 29 rounds and has a lot of repeating sections to create such a lovely design. With a 1.75mm hook with size 10 thread, mine came out to about 12-inches in diameter. The interesting thing is that the pattern states it requires about 400 yards, but I used less than 300. I knew I would use less because I do crochet tighter, but I didn't think I'd use 25% less. It worked out, though, because I only had 4g of the thread left in the same skein. 

The pattern also states a few rounds in that it will ruffle. I cannot being to stress how much of an understatement this is. Mine was ruffled so much it was folding on itself until I blocked it. I was a little nervous it wouldn't block correctly, but thankfully I had no problem.

And yet again, I used Alize Miss Batik thread, this time in color #3708. I am so in love with this thread, but you really do have to find the right patterns for it. Patterns that have repeating designs like pineapples can be tricky with this tread because the variegation can cause the design to get lost in the color changes. I don't think the pineapples in this pattern specifically need to pop, so I used the thread anyway.

Anyway, if you're interested in this piece, as always, it's available in my shop. Custom orders are available by request.