Tunisian Entrelac Heirloom Baby Blanket

I had a few skeins of Hawthorne Kettle Dye that were gifted to me by my mother-in-law for my birthday and I spent a few days trying to find the perfect pattern for it. I finally settled on Lion Brand's "Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Throw" pattern available for free on their website. I'd never done Tunisian or Tunisian entrelac before, but I always wanted to, so I knew it was time. 

I started with green, pink, and gray and immediately knew that I needed to order additional colors. So I purchased the blue, red, and yellow to go along with it. I started with the exact chain length outlined in the pattern, but I worked 54 block rows (6 colors x 9). I probably could have ended it at 8 repeats of each color instead of 9, to make it more square, but I like the additional length. 

I made changes as I went along, and made sure to take lots of notes because I plan to make more of these blankets. I've made lots of crochet blankets, but I have to say, Tunisian entrelac goes by really fast. Unless you hate it. I absolutely loved this stitch pattern and it flew by. And because I worked all my ends in as I went along, I didn't have any to weave in at the end except the final end. 

Finding the right video on how to square-up the pattern was a little difficult. I had to weed through several other ravelry projects in order to find someone's link. I ended up using this video and it was very helpful. The border itself after this is simply 12 rows of SC (one of each color, twice) and then one row of reverse SC in red. I used a larger hook for the RSC because it's tigher than normal SC. I blocked it using blocking wires; I would not suggest blocking it without wires--they keep the edges straight.

The entire blanket measures 31" by 40" and is the perfect size for a new baby. You can find it listed in my shop for immediate purchase.