New Pattern: "Susan"

I was recently inspired by a knit blanket pattern that I saw to try and crochet an ode to its design. This pattern, although a total of 44 rounds, worked up very quickly for me. I'm not too fond of working patterns more than 35 rounds, but it is such a repetitive pattern that it came together pretty fast. 

I have called it "Susan."

With a total of 44 rounds, it takes about 550-600 yards with a 1.75mm hook. I personally used 84g (about 590 yards) of Artiste Egyptian Cotton in the color 'caribbean.' 

It is not like my other patterns--it's very dense. When my husband saw it, he thought I had made a placemat. And if it weren't for the ridges, it could work quite well as one. 

I really enjoyed designing this. It was a challenge for me, to anticipate where the pattern was going next--to plan ahead. I usually do very little if any planning when I design. Something else I did was alternate the edging design. Each section of the edging alternates between a filled or open pattern. That was also very interesting to lay out.

All in all, this pattern is probably one of my simpler ones. It doesn't require too many complex stitches, just enough to give it the 3-D look. I hope you enjoy it. You can find it in my pattern shop.