4th Crochet-Along! "Winter"

It's time for our 4th Crochet Along! This time we will be working an older pattern (from April 2017) called "Winter." The votes were tallied and this appropriately-named pattern was selected as the favorite. 


Crochet Along Information

Each part will be uploaded between 10-11am EST.

Part 1 - rounds 1-7 (11/1) 
Part 2 - rounds 8-13 (11/3) 
Part 3 - rounds 15-18 (11/7) 
Part 4 - rounds 19-23 (11/9) 
Part 5 - rounds 24-26 (11/14)

In addition to complete written instructions, each round will include either sections of a chart or photo-tutorial to show you where to place your stitches.

How to Participate

  • Make sure you have a Ravelry account before you purchase. This is to ensure that the pattern goes into your account library and you will be able to find it easily. If you do not complete this step, you will be responsible for finding the link to your pattern in your email.
  • Create a project page here on Ravelry for your work by clicking on “Hook It” in the top right under the “add to favorites” heart button.
  • Join the FB group to discuss and get support during the Crochet-Along. Share your project with other crocheters and help those along the way. Please do not use the Ravelry comment feature to ask questions, instead use the FB group. This is so that the community working this pattern can help each other and help field questions for me during this time.
  • Check your email regularly. As each new part is uploaded, you will receive an email letting you know.
  • To receive each part as they are released, you will need to update your pattern library or the pattern itself after you receive the email. If you are unfamiliar about how to do this, check out Ravelry’s explanation here.

Pattern Details

  • Pattern consists of 26 rounds.
  • Level is “advanced.”
  • Stitches/terms: slst, sk, ch, sc, dc, tc, dtr, csdc, fp, bp, cluster, popcorn, dc2tog, tc2tog, dtr2tog, small picot, large picot.
  • This pattern works great in either a solid color or with long color-changing thread like Alize Miss Batik.
  • After November 14th, 2017, this pattern purchase will also contain a full photo-tutorial.


This pattern is available in English, Russian, Swedish, German, and Dutch. All versions will be added to your Ravelry library after purchase. If you are able and desire to translate this pattern into your native language, please use this form to contact me. Only authorized translations are permitted.

  • Russian language translation provided by Ula Tomaszewska and tested by Tatyana Norri and Irina Kogotkova.
  • Nederlandse vertaling door Jill DS en Lea Vermeylen. Tested by Renate Poort.
  • Mönstret översatt och testat på svenska av Agnetha Magnusson, Anja Axelsson, Camilla Fredriksson, Ulrika Larsson, och Åza Karlsson.
  • Ins Deutsche übersetzt von „5-tr-tog“.