New Pattern: "Amelia"

I know it's been a very long time. I've been busy but also struggling with motivation. This newest pattern took me two months to complete, when it usually only takes me a few days. I hope you enjoy this one. 


For "Amelia," I used Artiste Egyptian Cotton in the color "cloud." Even though I myself used a 2.25mm hook, I always recommend smaller, or your preferred size. I use the Boye Ergonomic Hook Handle with my hook because my hands prefer the extra comfort. 


I used 415 yards / 76g of thread. Most people will use more than I did, so I recommend 45-500 yards; two spools of thread will usually do the trick, or one spool of Curio. 


The stitches used in "Amelia" are slst, sk, ch, sc, dc, tc, dtr, csdc, fp, bp, bl, blo, cluster, popcorn, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc3tog, tc4tog, tc4tog, dtr4tog, dtr6tog, and small picot.

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