New Pattern: "Daisy"

A few weeks ago, I started designing this new pattern. However, when I finished, I was not happy with how aggressive I had to block it. And second to that, I was unhappy with my color choice (lilac). Even though the doily itself turned out beautiful and the color only added to that, the color was difficult to photograph accurately. 


So I started over and with my favorite color thread: natural. And now that I've worked it again and made minor changes so that it lays flat even before blocking, I am in love with it all over again. It blocked beautifully and also photographed beautifully.

Here is "Daisy."


I used a 2.25mm hook with about 400 yards of size 10 thread. You may use whatever hook size you prefer, but keep in mind the yardage will be different. Make sure you have enough on hand just in case you need more. It is 33 rounds and includes stitches like clusters, popcorns, and decreases.


When I went back to work it the second time and make changes, I also centered the middle. What I mean to say is that when I worked it the first time, the center was off  and it was really noticeable. But because I was working it again, I made the necessary changes to make it correct. This is sometimes that happens with designing-- since I never plan ahead and I don't know what it will eventually look like, I am not always 100% satisfied with the result. This time, since I took the time to make changes and work it twice, I absolutely am 100% happy with it. I will show you the center of the purple (first) version so you can compare if you want.


I hope you enjoy working this pattern as much as I did. It did not take long at all for me, but then again I do crochet quite fast.

You can find this pattern on Ravelry. If you cannot purchase with Paypal, you can contact me and I can list it here on my website instead. However, I prefer all purchases be made through Ravelry because it ensures you will receive all future updates. But I do know that problems can occur and some countries do not allow Paypal; if that is the case for you, please contact me and I will make a listing just for you.