New Pattern: "Bella"

This pattern was heavily inspired by one of my first designs: "Barbara." When I made that design, I tried to incorporate as many flowers as I could. In the same way, in this pattern, "Bella," I aimed to use the flower motif as a theme. 

"Bella" is a small design--only 24 rounds and 10-inches in diameter. I used a 2.00mm hook with Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush in the stunning color 'Tyrian Purple.' This might be my most favorite thread color.

One thing that threw me for a loop, because I'm not much of a planner when it comes to the designing process, is that I ended up with an odd amount of points. The design resulted in a repeat of 7, so there are 21 points. 

This pattern turned out extra lovely. I am really thrilled with the design as a whole, and it wasn't too terribly challenging to perform. 

You can find the pattern on my Ravelry page. Don't forget to share your work in our Facebook group