Upcoming Crochet-Along: "Evelyn"

Our newest Crochet-Along will be here soon! This pattern has not yet been released, which I think makes the best Crochet-Along experience. That means we will all be on the same page, working together, and helping each other along the way. And it's not a mystery pattern, so you'll be able to decide whether you like it or not first, before jumping on in. 



  • 41 rounds

  • 450-500 yards

  • 2.00mm hook

  • 15-inches in diameter

Crochet-Along Notes

  1. To join the Crochet-Along, you will need to purchase the pattern. You will receive each part of the CAL based on the schedule listed below (scroll down to the section labeled 'Schedule.')
  2. Pricing = The price of the CAL pattern will be 50% off from now until Day 1 of the CAL (which is June 1st, 2017). At that time, it will return to full price. Also, the pattern cannot be combined with any other discount while it is already discounted. 
  3. Gauge = Gauge is not important. Your finished piece will not be exactly the same diameter as mine mainly because we do not have the same tension. The recommended hook size is only if you want to try to get as close to the finished size as you can. But, I actually do use a larger hook because my tension is very tight. I used a 2.25mm hook on this piece. So my recommendation is to use the hook size of your choice with the thread/yarn size you prefer the most.
  4. Color = This pattern would work well in any solid color or color combination. 
  5. Yardage = I used exactly 422 yards of size 10 thread. However, as mentioned above, my tension is very tight, so you will probably use more than I did. Keep that in mind when choosing your thread. Here are some of my favorite affordable brands:
    1. Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush
    2. Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet
    3. Knit Picks Curio
    4. Artiste Egyptian Cotton
  6. Please join us in one or both of our groups to discuss the Crochet-Along and any other of my patterns:
    1. Facebook Group
    2. Ravelry Group
  7. If you have never worked one of my patterns or similar-level difficulty pattern, please consider working one of my free patterns first to get an idea of how I write mine. In fact, try "Lorelai" since it comes with a photo-tutorial, which is what I include in my Crochet-Alongs, too.
  8. Please block your finished work. This is a tedious and sometimes extremely boring part of lace crochet, but it is absolutely necessary. There are several methods for blocking. You can find my video here showing how I personally like to block my work. 
  9. If you need help at any time with the Crochet-Along, post your question to one of the two groups mentioned above in #6. We will all be working together.


The pace of this Crochet-Along will be much quicker than my other CALs. You do not have to keep the same pace, but if it would bother you to fall behind, then pay close attention to the amount of rounds assigned for each part.

  • Part 1 = Rounds 1-15 = June 1st, 2017
  • Part 2 = Rounds 16-23 = June 5th, 2017
  • Part 3 = Rounds 24-30 = June 8th, 2017
  • Part 4 = Rounds 31-37 = June 12th, 2017
  • Part 5 = Rounds 38-41 = June 15th, 2017