New Pattern: "Primrose"

I've been holding onto this pattern since early June when it was first designed because I submitted it to the Crochet Guild of America's 2017 Design Competition. And now I can proudly say that this pattern is the First Place winner of the 'thread' category! 

When I first set out to design a pattern for the competition, I had originally planned to try an oval design. But about half-way through, I was just not feeling it. I frogged it back to the center and started over. And I'm very happy with what I came up with! 

This pattern features over 200 popcorn stitches, over 500 clusters, and an assortment of other regular and surface stitches to create a varied and textured look. 

This pattern will eventually be part of my "Primrose Collection" e-book that will contain this doily, a rug, a blanket, and a holiday tree skirt.