Website Rebranding

You may have noticed that the header image on my website here has changed to a simple graphic of my name. For the past few weeks, I have been mulling over the decision to rebrand because of the confusion caused by my previous business name. I can not tell you how many times I have been called "Emily" when that is not my name at all--too many times to count.

Rebranding has a lot of consequences if not done correctly. Doing this required me to change my business name, domain name and website, Facebook page (though as of today 8/23/2017 it is still in limbo whether or not FB will let me change it), Facebook group page, Ravelry group page--just to name the big ones. All image headers had to change. I'm not sure if I'll change my instagram page since someone else already own @gracefearon.

Currently and probably for several years, the domain will forward to the new domain, so if anyone is directed there, they will be redirected here instead of getting lost in cyberspace.

I hope during this transition phase I do not lose any of you along the way. It will now be much easier to find me, since my domain is now my real name.

I'm not sure if all external links will forward correctly, so if you want to find me, just go directly here to the website.

Thank you!