New Pattern: "Saffron"

Normally when I design, I don't have much planned. However, when I started this one, I knew I wanted to experiment with taller stitches. My tension has reached the point where I feel comfortable wrapping several times without losing the consistency of my stitches, so I decided to try my hand at incorporating some rare stitches in this pattern. I'm not sure if Tamara coined the names for these stitches herself, but I used her guide nonetheless. This pattern is named "Saffron" even though I didn't use that color. 


In this pattern, I only incorporated up to a Quadruple Treble stitch, which is when you wrap five times before beginning. If you don't feel comfortable or don't have any experience with tall stitches, I suggest you practice beforehand. They are easy to crochet, but often we end up with the top loops being extra loose. Remember to keep all your loops near the tip of your hook in order to minimize this problem.


When I was designing this, I ended up playing a little bit of 'yarn chicken' near the end. I had a full ball of Artiste thread and ended up having only 12-inches leftover, with no backup ball waiting. Because of that, I suggest a yardage of 450-500 yards just to be safe.


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