New Pattern: "Ahmanet"

The pattern I released before this one, “Luna,” inspired me to try and make a big pattern this time. Because when I was working on that one, I ran out of thread before I wanted to be finished, and since it was a foreign thread, I could not get my hands on more, so I had to end the design early. That motivated me to grab my large skein of natural and see how large I could design a pattern. The result is “Ahmanet.”


This pattern is 70 rounds! I used exactly 143g of Aunt Lydia’s jumbo ball in natural. In order to work this pattern yourself, you will need about 3-4 skeins of a thread that has about 300y/ball. However, how much you will need will rely heavily on your own tension. You may use more or less what I did.


This finished piece blocked out to 22-inches in diameter. I generally use a 2.25mm hook, but I suggest that you use the hook that best complements your tension. You don’t want your work to look too loose or be too tight.


I am surprised by how large this piece ended up being. Even as I approached the end, I was inspired to keep going, but I thought 70 was a good number of rounds. This will definitely inspire me to work toward larger patterns in the future.

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