New Pattern: "Athelia" Shawl

I can’t believe I did it! I started this project back in March and became quickly frustrated with how difficult it is to design a shawl (with little to no practice). I’ve only ever made a virus shawl, so my experience with shawls was very limited. However, I really wanted to learn how to do this, so I picked up more yarn and started over.


Initially I began with just one color, but I found that it did too good of a job of hiding stitches, so I started over again and chose two colors instead. That wouldn’t be the last time I started over, however. I frogged this project so many times that my yarn was pleading with me in the end to stop.

The biggest challenge for me was determining when to increase on the ends. It sounds easy, but when your stitches are so varied, the increases can be weird. I found that if I opted to “always increase, no matter what” it would work out much better. Eye-balling the piece just wasn’t doing it. I had to increase no matter what.

I’m over the moon with how this turned out. I got to use my blocking wires, which I rarely do. The density of the fabric is so thick and warm and perfect for this upcoming season.

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