Mystery Crochet-Along is finished!

This post is a little late. We finished our last Crochet Along last week! It was exciting and fun and I really hope that if you participated you found the challenge to be thrilling.


For this pattern, I used Artiste Egyptian Cotton in the color 'jade blue.' I don't know what it is about this color--I just love it. It doesn't necessarily have to be this thread, but I find this color and Aunt Lydia's peacock just absolutely brilliant. 


For this piece, I wanted to make raised pineapples using a method I introduced in my earlier pattern "Margaret." I am in love with how much more realistic they appear. The tiny picot-like points create a wonderfully textured appearance--much like actual pineapples! Yet not as prickly.


You can find this pattern on Ravelry or purchase it here.

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