New Pattern: "Nadine"

I recently purchased some lovely cones of cotton thread from Webs online. I also purchased their color card so that I could accurately see the colors so that I can purchase more in the future. I wasn't sure what size thread it was, since it's only labeled as 5/2. After perusing the projects on Ravelry that use this thread, I decided I could take the risk and purchase some. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it's only slightly thicker than size 10, though I wouldn't quite label it size 5. It's probably nearer to size 8. I switched to my Clover Amour 2.25mm since it's a teeny bit bigger than my Furls Odyssey 2.25mm and the thread slides better on it anyway. This is my favorite color of the Valley Yarns 5/2 thread-- porcelain green. But it's also very, very difficult to photograph. 


"Nadine" is worked in 34 rounds with about 350-400 yards (I used 80g / 370y / 338m). I've been experimenting a lot recently with taller stitches and this pattern has no shortage of them. 


If you've worked any of my patterns that were published in the last 6 months or so, you shouldn't have any trouble with this pattern. I try to challenge myself with each new design, trying to find unique stitch combinations to work into each new design.


As usual, the pattern is 50% off for the first 24 hours. You can purchase it through Ravelry by clicking the button below or use the black buttons to purchase it directly from my website. 

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