New Pattern: "Florence"

This is the first pattern I designed with Valley Yarns Cotton 5/2 thread. I purchased this specific cone from a Raveler who had some in their stash that they were willing to sell and at a very reasonable price! At first, when it arrived, I wasn't so sure about it because it's thicker than size 10, but it's also fuzzier (not as glossy as I prefer). I switched from my Furls 2.25mm to my Clover Amour 2.25mm and fell in love. I don't know why, but the difference in the feel of the hook works so well with the lack of glide that this thread has. This thread comes in a wonderful variety of colors as well. And at over 2,000 yards per cone, you have so much to work with!


"Florence" is 42 rounds of absolutely beautiful texture. With the thicker thread and larger hook, mine came out to about 18-inches in diameter (though I also do have very tight tension). 


I really hope you fall in love with this pattern because it is one of my favorites. I'm challenging myself to make bigger designs (though the next pattern to be released after this one is yet another smaller one). 


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