New Pattern: "Selah"

This is one of the rare patterns where I had a general idea how I wanted it to look. Because of the large flower design, there aren't many complicated stitches involved. I had an idea as it was progressing that I wanted to take a white thread and outline the petals of the flowery center with an overlaid stitch, but I tried several methods and could not get it to look natural. 


I used Valley Yarns cotton 5/2 in the color golden ochre. I absolutely love that this thread comes on cones. It's fuzzier than I like, and a teeny bit thicker than size 10, but I don't mind that at all. 


This pattern incorporates the same "points" within the petals as some of my recent patterns, creating a bumpy and textured look that I really like. 


"Selah" is 13-inches in diameter and requires 250-300 yards of size 10 thread. As always you can use whatever hook size works best with this thread according to your own tension; for me, a 2.25mm complements my tension the most. 


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