Upcoming Crochet Along! "Whitney"

It's time for our 2nd annual Crochet Along! This CAL will not be a mystery pattern, but it will be a new and as of yet unreleased design. This dainty pattern is packed full of tall and challenging stitches. So much so that I had to include a video for an entire round! I designed "Whitney" back in late February and knew as soon as it was done that I wanted to use it for our next CAL. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. 


To join our CALs you must use Ravelry and Paypal. I cannot offer CALs through my own website, however after the CAL is finished, the full pattern will be available here on my site for purchase. If you purchase the CAL, please please please make sure you are signed-in to your Ravelry account. This makes sure you never lose your pattern and also that you can update the pattern as we go to receive each new part, without having to wait on the email from Ravelry. 

The CAL includes all of this: 

  • an informational PDF (available 4/30)
  • each part will contain the pattern rounds for that part and a picture of each round with crochet symbols overlaid to show where to place your stitches (released according to the schedule below)
  • available in English, Russian, and German languages
  • a full video for round 7
  • photo walk-throughs for stitches in round 4, 7, and 18

CAL Schedule

Part 1 = rounds 1-9 (May 7th) 
Part 2 = rounds 10-14 (May 11th) 
Part 3 = rounds 15-18 (May 14th) 
Part 4 = rounds 19-23 (May 18th) 
Part 5 = rounds 24-28 (May 21st)


To participate, please hop on over to the Ravelry page and read the entire description before purchasing.

All of the information is available there and more will be included in an informational document provided with your purchase. You have 1 week to decide and 1 week to get your materials ready! Join us in the Facebook group to share in the fun!