New Pattern: "Pearl"

I don't have much to say about this pattern. I wanted to create something that had a uniform center and then a lacy border. I thought I would start with a few rows of SC, but I don't particularly like how monotonous that is. So instead I broke it up with rows of BP stitches.


Unfortunately, with this type of stitching, there can be an obvious seam. You can tell from my pictures that I didn't adjust to make up for it, when I probably should have. There are several methods you can use to create a hidden seam, so just pick your favorite and let me know how well it work!


This pattern includes several colored diagrams for tricky sections that you might find very helpful. It is 38 rounds and come out to about 15-inches in diameter, using about 350-400 yards of size 10 thread. 


You can purchase this pattern through Ravelry by clicking the Ravelry link below (which I recommend so that you can save your pattern to your Ravelry library) or you can use the 2 links below to purchase the file directly through my website if you can't use Ravelry or Paypal.

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